Google Chrome extensions are programs that can be installed into Chrome in order to change the browser’s functionality. This includes adding new features to Chrome or modifying the existing behavior of the program itself to make it more convenient for the user. As you can see, extensions offer a wide range of extra functionality so that you can perform tasks easier or get more out of the web sites you visit. Unfortunately, while most Chrome extensions are beneficial, there are some developers that create extensions that modify the behavior of Chrome in a negative way. For example, adware developers may install Chrome extensions without your permission that inject advertisements on to web pages that you are viewing, change your search provider to a site under their control, change the new tab page, or hijack your home page.


1) Colorzilla

With ColorZilla you can get a color reading from any point in your browser,  quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program.

2) Dark Reader

Dark mode for every website. Take care of your eyes, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.

3) Full Page Screen Capture

Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions!

4) OneTab

Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. You will save up to 95% of memory.

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5) HTTPS Everywhere

Encrypt the Web! Automatically use HTTPS security on many sites. HTTPS everywhere automatically switches the sites from insecure “http” to secure “https”.

6) Talend API Teaser

Handles all HTTP requests, no matter how complex. confirm how well third-party APIs are responding, Interact with REST or simple HTTP APIs through a visual and easy-to-use UI.

7) HTTPS Everywhere

You could inspect web fonts by just hovering on them. It is that simple and elegant. It also detects the services used for serving web fonts.

8) SeoQuake

SEOquake is a free plugin that provides you with key SEO metrics, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit and many others.

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