Social media reach is a media analytics metric that refers to the number of users who have come across a particular content on a social platform such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. In comparison, an impression is the total number of circumstances where your content has been shown on a social timeline, meanwhile, engagement looks at how people interact with the content that they see on a social platform such as like, share or retweet.

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1) Focus Your Efforts On The Right Places

The best way to get accurate info about your audience is to simply ask them. Try using a survey, put it in an email, or even give some of your best customers a quick call to see how they’re doing.

2) Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Social Media Optimization is essentially using social media as a catalyst to grow your company’s online presence. Where some companies tend to just set up a profile on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to be where their customers are, SMO is about strategically creating, building, and maximizing your social media plan to connect with your target audience.

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3) Post Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that doesn’t go out of date. It revolves around a topic that’s always relevant to readers, regardless of the current news cycle or season. Its name comes from the evergreen—a plant that retains its green leaves all year round.

4) Use Targeting To Maximize Organic Potential

This tactic will vary from platform to platform, but tweaking the settings of your posts to target specific members of your audience can give you a boost in organic potential. For Facebook, you can use organic post targeting to tweak who will see it.

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5) Interact With & Engage Your Followers

Organic social media reach is never easier than when people come directly to your page. If you properly engage with people and reply to their comments, you’re going to build a great reputation that will spread. People will look for your posts because they’ll be genuinely interested in what you’re doing.