C++ is widely used among the programmers or developers mainly in an application domain. It contains the important parts including the core language.

1) Applications

Many applications of Adobe systems are developed in C++ like Illustrator, adobe premiere, and image ready and Adobe developers are considered as active in the C++ community.

2) Games

The complexity of 3D games. It helps in optimizing the resources. It supports the multiplayer option with networking.

3) Animation

3D animation, modeling, simulation, rendering software are referred to as the powerful tool-set. It is widely used in mobile sensor applications, and visual effects, modeling which is mainly coded in C++.

4) Web Browser

C++ is used for making Google Chrome, and Mozilla Internet browser Firefox. Some of the applications are written in C++ from which Chrome browser is one of them and others are like a file system, the map reduces large cluster data processing.

5) Database Access

Language is also used for developing database software or open-source database software.C++ makes database access fast and quick or accurate to deliver information regarding business and finance.

6) Operating Systems

C++ is also used for developing most of the operating systems for Microsoft and few parts of the Apple operating system. Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, office, Internet Explorer and visual studio written in C++.